mkttc combines multiple TrueType (TTF) and/or OpenType (OTF) fonts into a single TrueType Collection (TTC) file, with all the fonts embedded into it.

mkttc does not try to merge font tables, so if your fonts have identical glyphs, the extra copies will not be removed. You can use FontForge [1] if you want font tables to be merged.

mkttc is a single C file with less than 200 lines of code.

How to use

The usage is simple:

mkttc result.ttc font1.ttf font2.ttf ...

How to build

You can download mkttc sources from [2], or directly via mercurial like this:

hg clone

After that, run make from the directory with the sources, and mkttc binary will be built. Alternatively, just invoke your C compiler on the mkttc.c file.