About tx97.net

What is this place?

This is a personal site that mostly holds code for my programming projects. Possibly other stuff.

What does “tx97.net” mean?

I prefer to think of the name as meaningless, but “tx97” is not completely unlike the first motherboard model this server run on. It was a 266 MHz K6-2 on 66 MHz ASUS TX97-E, a machine gifted by a friend. An absolutely outdated piece of scrap by the standards of the time (2008); I loved it.

Who’s hosting you?

This site was initially hosted on my own machine in my apartment. I’ve (mostly) changed the apartment since then, and the site has (mostly) traveled with me.

This is why if there is an outage, maybe try another day. Home hosting comes with a fairly miserable uptime guarantee, I’m afraid.

What’s wrong with your site design?

The design looks reasonable nowadays, and improves every few years or so. This is the 2020 redesign. It used to be worse: check out Wayback Machine [1]. I’ve even used real fonts this time. Curly quotes too [2]. Syntax highlight. Fancy stuff.

Anyway, the layout could use an improvement, and suggestions are welcome.

  1. https://web.archive.org/web/2010*/http://tx97.net

  2. https://practicaltypography.com/straight-and-curly-quotes.html